The Lotus Heart Retreat Coming Soon...
August 3-6, 2023


Want a sacred experience of grounding and restoration to improve your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being?

Great news!

We are hosting the Lotus Heart Retreat again and it takes place in Tulum, Mexico on August 3-6, 2023.

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Inspiring you to open your heart to heal

Life never happens to us, but is always happening for us.

It’s a challenging realization when you are in a situation that you aren’t sure you’ll overcome.

During this retreat experience, you’ll feel empowered to open your heart. Dig deeper into self-awareness, address your emotions, identify the root cause, and release what is not true to who you are.

Your divine transformation is on the other side of the fear that is blocking you from being your true self.

You’ll learn how dealing with your trauma and fears can be a powerful force for positive growth and change.

Meet the host, coach and founder of the Lotus Heart Retreat

Pentené Milner

Pentené Milner is the founder and visionary of the Lotus Heart Retreat.

She wanted this retreat experience to inspire women to be more empathetic to their traumas and wounds so that they can heal them to improve the relationship within themselves by creating a life of opulence. She believes that her heart’s desire is in supporting others in their transformation from fear to love.

During what she believed to be one of the most difficult times of her life, turned into one of the most awakening times of her life. Enduring such a traumatic experience with her divorce caused her to attend therapy for the first time. This led to the start of her healing and spiritual rebirth.

Pentené discovered that she lacked self-love, suffered from abandonment issues, divorce trauma, relationship trauma, and narcissistic abuse. This was her wakeup call to create a transformational and positive change in her life. Once she opened up her heart to heal, her life began to shift for the better.

As she has navigated her path back to her true self, she learned how to harness the power of self-love and clothing for internal good. She started using her style as a wellness tool to overcome trauma, be true to herself, and emphasize feeling good regardless of the condition. This was one of the ways she started to use everything around her as a daily act of self-love.

Before she even fully understood it, she was creating her dream reality, healing past wounds, and becoming the best version of herself. Pentené now teaches other women how to use self-love to empower healing, be the best versions of themselves, and create the life of their dreams.

And how to use clothing to match the life she wants.

Pentené was inspired to create the Lotus Heart Retreat for the healing woman to navigate a path back to her true self (her soul and divine being), by starving her egoic self (who she thinks she is through her conditions).

She believes that the true way to healing starts from within and that through your heart you can activate the power of healing and self-esteem as an honor to your spiritual being and evolution internally. Pentené’s intention is for the woman to know that she always had the wisdom and the tools to heal herself.

Her message is that you can’t heal what you don’t reveal and feel.

What attendees say about
the Lotus Heart Retreat:


- K. Friend

I can’t begin to express what this experience encompassed and meant for me. My amazement and excitement about the healing I experienced through the Lotus Heart Retreat is best expressed with gratitude. It was one of the most heartfelt, eye-opening, soul-soothing, rewarding experiences I’ve ever had.

I felt a deep connection with all of the beautiful souls there and very relatable to many of their stories. I was extremely moved and touched throughout the shadow workshop, as well as totally uninhibited and free in the other guided workshops. I witnessed first hand that vulnerability is not weakness, that it is the most courageous thing we can do and best means of connecting with others.

It was through these workshops that I connected with my true authentic self, but the connection also traveled miles away to my babies (ages 5 & 7), who unbeknownst to me, felt my soul and vibration and took to drawing what they felt, which was a depiction of a painting I created during my time at the retreat. 

 THIS WAS SOOOOOOO POWERFUL TO ME! The connection I felt with my babies upon returning home to discover this, the feeling of knowing I was truly chosen to be their mommy, and the love that was bestowed upon us and how it filled the room was everything to me. 🙌🏽🙏🏾

Pentene, I can’t express how grateful I am of you for facilitating this incredible, amazing retreat! I can’t honestly imagine anyone leading this as well as you did.

Take a step away from the habits of your daily life and connect with your true authentic self by attending a Lotus Heart Retreat! Come with an open heart and an open mind, willing to let yourself be seen and to express your heart’s desire. In doing so, you’ll be able to deepen your spiritual practices, renew your intentions, and allow yourself to prioritize your commitments and approach life openly. It will be one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences you’ll ever have!


- Ifeanyi Kerri-Walker

The Lotus Heart retreat was everything I needed before I even realized I needed it. The experiences I had over the days of the retreat were transformative, to say the least.

I left there a better, truer, and more authentic version of myself. It’s almost indescribable.

All of the wellness coaches were extremely welcoming, and amazing at their craft. They were patient, understanding, encouraging, uplifting, and insightful to all of our individual needs.

Oh, and the food!!! Even the food was transformative and nourishing beyond what I expected. I am eating things now that I never have in my entire life. It was exceptionally delicious and made with love.

The Lotus Heart Retreat is a must-attend event, even for the people who might not know it yet!!

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