Lotus Heart Wellness Retreat

A sacred space of grounding & restoration to inspire rebirth and hydration for the healing woman

August 4-7, 2022 | Lake Arrowhead, California

Are you ready to open your heart and connect with who you truly are?

Take a moment to picture yourself as your best self. See her achieving her wildest dreams and how she does it with flow and ease. Notice how good she feels within her sanctuary of love and limitless opportunities.

Her attachment to victim consciousness that programmed her to operate in her trauma, scars, and wounds – is only seen as a human experience that happened for her growth.

She’s building legacy and breaking down generational trauma by cleansing her soul daily. The peace in her soul is filled with hydration and rebirth because of how expansively abundant her world is. She created a world that feels good and looks good. You can tell by the fabric she wears and the way she carries her worth with no fear.

And then you come back to your physical reality.

What’s stopping you from living the life of your wildest dreams? What are the self-limiting beliefs that create setbacks and blocks inside of you?

Every time you try to take a step forward, your past trauma and old conditions keep tugging on you to stay. You are ready to feel free – free of the conditions, limitations, doubts, fear, and worry. And that’s your birthright – FREEDOM.

It’s time for you to retreat deeper inside of yourself and feel empowered to change the world outside of yourself. Everything starts with you. And your soul is calling for you to want the absolute best for yourself – and life.

What you need are self-healing tools to nurture your inner home garden daily in an act of self-love and connection with your higher self. Your old conditions need the absence of your attachments to them by doing the internal work to become aware that they are there – and let them go.

The Lotus Heart Retreat will be a strong step towards a spiritual ascension to navigating your path of rebirth back to your true self. This sacred space will guide your soul back to its natural rhythm of love, faith, and harmony.

“When you heal yourself, you heal generations.”

Retreat Inspired by the Lotus Plant

Picture how a lotus plant and its roots emerge from the muddiest waters and produce the most beautiful flower as its petals open into a heart. Now relate it to the human condition. We were ushered into the world by being birthed in water. Without water, we don’t exist.

Many times, in our lives we find ourselves being rebirthed through water as we emerge within our beautiful garden of life as spiritual beings having human experiences. Water represents the sacred value of life as a spiritual dimension of purification, protection, and healing.


Just like the beautiful lotus flower, we are symbols of resilience, strength, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth. And as the lotus opens like the heart to receive love and compassion – it proves that as we root by grounding ourselves, we give ourselves the permission of healing as we rise after being watered, and our hearts open to thrive.

The Lotus Heart retreat is based on the premise of the divine woman as a Lotus. That’s you. Even from the muddiest waters you have risen amid internal trauma and challenges of daily life. You realize that the trauma you faced is now a call for you to answer to your healing. This includes leaving everything behind that you don’t need – fear, shame, doubt, limitation, judgment as none of it reflects your true self, LOVE.

As you receive a spiritual ascension to be a greater version of your true self you will grow a deeper connection to your soul’s curriculum. Like the Lotus you are, as you ground yourself in healing you can rise to the occasion of who you were meant to be – a divine being.

Help a soul sister in need of financial support to attend the retreat. Even a small contribution goes a long way.

"If you truly want to change your self concept and your reality, you need to be willing to let part of yourself go."
- Lorena Schuth

In this sacred space, you will:

🌿 Closely connect with your authentic and higher self in a spiritual sanctuary
 🌿 Master self-healing tools to integrate wellness into your daily life
🌿 Experience rebirth as you hydrate and nourish your soul by releasing what no longer serves you
🌿 Embrace and accept your shadow self as you practice the art of letting go parts of your conditioned self
🌿 Give yourself permission to become self-aware of everything you’re not to unblock everything you are
🌿 Create a home in your heart to a new world that lives within you
🌿 Honor your birthmark of being – free, abundant, worthy, + love in your clothing

You will be in a divine sacred space where you will be safe to release your traumas and wounds with no worries. As you vibe to letting go of the past versions of yourself, you will surrender to the now.

We are here to create a sister circle where you leave this Space having soul sisters who will support you even after your retreat experience and journey. Our intentions are to help you heal yourself during this 3-day journey of spiritual health and wealth.

Be ready to enter a sacred space of love and healing with no judgement or shame. We’re here for you as we provide a safe environment for your healing to release, reset and surrender.

Some of What You Can Expect:

🌿 Arrival Day will be an introduction wellness icebreaker and gifting

🌿 Welcome and Arrival Day evening dinner

🌿 We will serve a plant-based and nourishing breakfast (light), lunch, and dinner

🌿 Two full days of healing and wellness workshops (designed to start with root work + up to the crown)

🌿 A digital detox, spiritual refresh + renewal, try new things, collective activities, reflect + rest, sacred community, surrounded by nature

🌿 Daily morning rituals that include an immersive experience of mindful and sound healing meditation

🌿 A spiritual ceremony on each full retreat day to support release and rebirth

🌿 Transportation will be provided for traveling to adventurous destinations

🌿 Departure day gratitude and celebration workshop

🌿  And more

In each healing and wellness workshop, you’ll be supported as you receive physical guidance from the root-up to connect and align with your highest self. You’ll learn how to self-heal, cleanse your soul, and be supported in your spiritual transformation.

Soul Nourishment Food

soul nourishment food

Chef Lisa Loyd of Lisa Loyd Catering will prepare soul nourishing foods that recalibrates, replenishes, and cleanses the soul back to nature’s rhythm. Imagine how much lighter and good you will feel after eating healthier meals and snacks throughout that generates your soul. To have a clear consciousness and purity as you preserve your energy to surrender to the process, you’ll have a delicate experience of plant-based foods.

The intention is for you to align your inner experience with the vibration of truth and love on a spiritual level. The purer you are within the more graceful your outside world will be. Let thy food be your medicine, and we will practice this notion during the retreat. You are what you eat because food is energy. And the best way to activate life force energy during each wellness workshop will be grown in God’s green fields of the Earth – nature.

Tranquil Location

The Lotus Heart Retreat will be held in the stunningly beautiful, cozy, and quaint mountain paradise of Lake Arrowhead, California. Not only does it boast beautiful greenery and a tranquil lake, but it also has a rich and unique history of being the home to the Native American nomadic tribes. It continues to flourish as a sanctuary of natural beauty in Southern California. A perfect place to rest, reflect, and restore as a sisterhood.

We will share a beautiful home as a community to influence a sense of oneness and cohesiveness. Rooms will be shared to strengthen relationship building and understanding of each other as souls that were birthed on Earth at the same time for a reason. What affects one affects us all. We create better together and that’s the gift this retreat will give.

Spaces Are Limited!

To provide the best wellness and healing experience, this retreat will host a small group of women (around 8-12). So spaces are limited.

We want to give each woman enough attention, care and intimate experience in a safe space. This helps each woman to start or deepen their healing and wellness path to unblock parts of who they truly are. And release themselves from the attachments of who they think they are.

Meet The Retreat Host

Pentené Milner

Pentené Milner is a Wardrobe Healer and Style-Wellness Coach. During what she believed to be one of the most difficult times of her life, turned into one of the most awakening times of her life. Enduring such a traumatic experience with her divorce caused her to attend therapy for the first time. This led to the start of her healing and spiritual rebirth. In therapy, Pentené discovered that she lacked self-love, suffered from abandonment issues, divorce trauma, and narcissistic abuse. This was her wakeup call.

As she navigated her path back to self, she learned how to harness the power of clothing for internal good. She started using her style as a wellness tool to overcome trauma, be true to herself, and emphasize feeling good regardless of the condition. Before she knew it, she was creating her dream reality, healing past wounds, and becoming the best version of herself using her clothing as a daily act of self-love. Pentené now teaches other women how to use their style as a wellness tool to empower healing, be the best versions of themselves, and live the life of their dreams.

Pentené was inspired to create the Lotus Heart Retreat for the healing woman to navigate a path back to her true self – her soul, by starving her egoic self (who she thinks she is). She believes that the true way to healing starts from within and that your clothing’s use as a tool for wellness can help activate the power of healing and self-esteem as an honor to your spiritual being and evolution externally. The intention is for the woman to know that she’s always had the wisdom and the tools to heal herself.

Meet The Wellness Coaches And Teachers

Queen Noya

Queen Noya Ma’at is an Energy Healer, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Advisor. Her passion and purpose is to be a guide of healing the trauma of the collective and transform it into self love. Queen Noya’s motto is, “I heal myself, so I can help heal you”. Her spiritual work expands to spiritual baths, herbal teas, loc jewelry, and pendants. As a single mother of two young Kings, her goal is to heal the nation on a cosmic level.

Ashlynd Marie

Ashlynd is a certified NLP/EFT/TFT Practitioner and Transformation Life Coach – a long-winded way of saying that she uses energy and language to help people change their lives. Long before the certifications came along, Ashlynd was mastering the subject; having escaped a cult, built a business with no connections, lost it all, and bounced back 18 months later. Energy and language are the only two ingredients you need for ultimate life fulfillment. When she’s not dropping gems on her podcast (mindFLOWERS), you can find her at the park or an art gallery; eating up all of life’s gifts. 

What Do You Need To Attend This Event?

Healing Investment

The Lotus Heart Wellness Retreat provides a sacred space of grounding and restoration to inspire hydration and rebirth for the healing woman. The price includes accommodation, meals, coaching, workshops, and transportation for the retreat’s adventurous destinations. For more information, read the retreat agreement.

By paying, you accept the retreat agreement.

Full Payment

Full payment of $1,333.00 due at least 5 days before the retreat.


2x Payment Plan

Pay $666.50 now, then pay another $666.50 next month.

$666.50 x 2

4x Payment Plan

Pay $333.25 now. Thereafter, you’ll pay $333.25 every two weeks three times.

$333.25 x 4


The Lotus Heart Retreat is for the healing woman who is ready for a spiritual ascension as she continues to heal from trauma, scars, and wounds of her past. She desires a sacred space of grounding and restoration to inspire rebirth and hydration.

She feels called to deepen her spiritual and wellness path to become a greater version of her true self while starving the conditioned version of her ego self. She’s in need of self-healing tools that provide a connection to her soul’s curriculum.

Yes, this retreat is for any woman feeling called to start her healing journey or deepen it. We believe there is always room for self-improvement no matter where you are within your path.

Yes there is an itinerary that will be used as a roadmap, but we will be in the flow and presence of the day. We’ll provide the itinerary upon registration. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact the host, Pentené at pentene@journeyyourstyle.com.

This retreat is going to be a small and intimate experience. For this reason, space will be limited to 8-12 women.

Arrival Day is August 4, 2022, at 5PM PST. Departure Day will end on August 7, 2022, at 12PM PST.

There will be comfortable living and sleep accommodations in a beautiful home located in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Each room will be shared with two to three women to practice cohesiveness. There will be no single room accommodations available.

There are no refunds for this retreat. However, you will be able to put it towards a future retreat or any wellness coaching service of your choice. If it is covid related, we can discuss if there are options available at that time.

The retreat host, Pentené, is available for any questions you may have. She can be reached at pentene@journeyyourstyle.com and will respond within 12 hours or less.

Help a soul sister in need of financial support to attend the retreat. Even a small contribution goes a long way.

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