Cure Your Relationship Trauma Masterclass

Introducing a masterclass experience to heal your relationship trauma starting with yourself.

“When you heal yourself, you heal generations”

Date: Sunday, November 20th at 4PM PST (a two-hour event)

Are you a woman who has experienced relationship trauma in any of these four types of relationships: Family, Romantic, Friendships, Acquaintances?

Join this masterclass to discover how to cure your relationship trauma by mastering your relationship with yourself first through interactive exercises. 

The masterclass investment fee is $197.

Receive a $50 discount off the masterclass

If you join the waitlist early, you’ll get a $50 discount. And only pay $147.

The discount code will be valid for one day after registration starts. 

Meet the Masterclass Host and Coach

Pentené Milner

Pentené Milner is the host and coach for the “Cure Your Relationship Trauma” Masterclass. 

During what she believed to be one of the most difficult times of her life, turned into one of the most awakening times of her life. Enduring such a traumatic experience with her divorce caused her to attend therapy for the first time. This led to the start of her healing and spiritual rebirth.

Pentené discovered that she lacked self-love, suffered from abandonment issues, divorce trauma, relationship trauma, and narcissistic abuse. This was her wakeup call to create a transformational and positive change in her life to this day. Once she opened up her heart to heal, her life began to take a major shift for the better.

As she has navigated her path back to her true self, she has been discovering that her gifts and purpose are in supporting women to strengthen their relationships within themselves through healing the past.

One of those ways is to harness the power of their clothing for internal good to be who she was born to be. And Pentené has recently been inspired to support women in fostering better relationships after trauma starting with the relationship they have with themselves. 
The relationship you have with yourself is the source of all other relationships. 

Pentené was inspired to be a host and coach of the “Cure Your Relationship Trauma” masterclass for women to create more sustainable relationships after healing from many of her own traumatic relationships in her life and journey. The generational cycle has to end at some point and playing a victim only makes matters worse within. Seeing yourself as a victim in your relationships makes you powerless and easily controlled by others. How you see and treat yourself is how others see and treat you too. When you are ready to make a different choice, so will your experiences be. Instead of repeating the same types of experiences in every relationship with a different face – you got to make a different choice. 

She believes that the true way to healing starts from within and that through your heart you can activate true healing and self-improvement. Pentené’s intention is for the woman to know that she always had the wisdom and the tools to heal herself, but just needed the guidance from a mirroring reflection. 

It’s time to take ownership of your choices in order to heal the trauma in your relationships first starting with you.